Mon. Dec 10th, 2018

Preparing your home post-surgery

Returning home after breast surgery or a hospital stay may require some alterations to be made making your house more accommodating.

The purpose of preparing a home for post operation is to earn the living room as easy and comfortable as possible for both you and the individual in your care. In planning and preparing the house for surgery recovery, you’ll have to address what changes you might want to make to help you feel more confident and equipped when the individual in your care arrives back home.

Here are some tips on how to ease the transition between home and hospital and to prepare the house for surgery recovery:

If stairs are a problem for the individual in your care, see if you’ve got a room on the main floor of the house which may be converted into a bedroom. Ideally, this chamber would have some amount of privacy and access to the main floor bathroom. When there is not the main floor bathroom, you’ll have to look into establishing a portable commode.

Prepare easy meals

Consider the food and drink you’ll have to supply for the person in your care. They may have existing or new dietary restrictions from stomach liposuction that you will want to bear in mind during meal preparation. By organising meals and snacks ahead of time, you will lower your stress level by understanding that you’ve got nutritious food ready to go whenever the individual in your care is hungry.

Stock up on supplies and food

In case you have noticed beforehand that the individual in your care will be coming home soon, it’s  advisable to stock up on essentials like food, toiletries, paper goods (toilet paper, wipes, and paper towels), cleaning supplies, and medical equipment, as needed. This ensures that you have everything available if you need it.

Place frequently used items within reach

Consider the things the individual in your care might need during the day. This might have a drinking glass, a book to read, the TV remote, a telephone, any drugs they are taking, or their walker. By making sure these frequently used items are within reach, it can provide the person in your care a little independence and comfort when going about their day. It’s also useful for you, as their caregiver, to stay organised and to know where to find things fast.

Stay organised

Keep any medical advice and important documents organised.

Request Assistance

See whether any family, friends, or neighbours can pitch in on various tasks.

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