October 3, 2022

5 tips for a cost effective kitchen renovation

Years of experience shows that the big ace in a renovator’s package – is understanding how to stretch every dollar as far as possible. For those looking to give their kitchen a reasonable makeover whether you’re getting ready to sell your own home or update it, there are five simple ways to get results quickly – and the fantastic thing is, the majority of them can be handled by a competent DIYer.

1. Change up the paint

There is no better way for an instantaneous transformation than using a correctly applied coat of paint – and I am not just talking about conventional paint on plaster walls and wood trims.

You simply need to be certain that you receive the specialist paint necessary for the undertaking.

The colour of this kitchen was obsolete, but the arrangement and design worked well and just needed minor changes. The kitchen renovation contains a choice of materials that are modern, durable and well-priced.

2. Update flooring

Vinyl floors are a simple and versatile solution which you can run directly over solid existing flooring. It may also be used in wet locations, which makes it suitable for bathrooms. Another cost-effective flooring alternative is laminated floorboards.

The old-fashioned flooring and manages were among the first items to be substituted. The timber received a couple of coats of paint, and the tiles were upgraded with White Knight Tile Paint.

3. Remodel

If the cabinets are in good shape, change the drawer and cabinet fronts for a fraction of the purchase price of putting in a new kitchen.  Changing features like drawers and cabinets can transform a kitchen so quickly and add a huge amount to the value of the home, especially if you are selling your home privately.

4. Modernise lighting fixtures

Places such as Ikea and Bunnings offer loads of innovative and inexpensive lighting solutions, so there is no excuse to settle for a day or outdated lighting.

Pendant lights over your kitchen island bench may add a little drama to an otherwise dull space. Just be sure that you get an electrician to change the lights for you since it is illegal to DIY any electrical work.

5. Pay attention to details

None are expensive in themselves, but collectively they will modernise a property and lift it to another level. A single trip to the hardware shop, a few hundred bucks and a few hours on the tools will have you reaching for the bubbly once you find the results.