October 3, 2022
Checklist for a House that your Kids will Love

A House that your Kids will Love

Tuning your house to meet the developmental needs of your kids is the best thing that you can do for them. Kids are by nature wild and outgoing they require a lot of room to play freely without being limited. This can only be possible if the design of the house is child-friendly. It is always important to consider the kids when designing a house. This is because unlike adults, kids are impressed by simple and funny stuff that an average adult may find silly. For example, having a backyard zipline for your kids may be a novelty in Victoria, but if you do a google search you may be surprised how many people around the world have thought about it. If you intend on touching the hearts of your kids here is a checklist for a house that your kids will love.

A Playroom

Like I mentioned earlier kids love playing and they can spend a whole day at it. To ensure that they are safe always you can include a playroom in the house. This will give the kids an opportunity to play freely and in the right environmental setting that is safe. As a parent, your mind will be at peace because you will not have to worry about if the kids are safe or not. To make the playroom safer you can get rid of any objects that may act as obstacles.


Nothing makes a kid happier like a collection of toys. Child play involves a lot of practicality and this is where the toys come in handy. Kids love having several toys, as a parent you may think that the kids have had enough toys but in a real sense, they are just getting started. They derive happiness from simply looking at the collection of toys that they have. You can make sure that this happiness stays by having several toys in the house. Always remember to arrange and keep the toys properly to avoid unnecessary accidents in the house.

Make the house Colourful

As kids begin to grow they start to appreciate colours. This can be a good time to apply the right configuration of colours that will uplift your child’s mood. It is recommended that only neutral colours should be used with less emphasis on very bright colours.

Colours can also say a lot about the personality of kids this can be a good opportunity to learn more about your kids. In as much as using the right colours is encouraged also remember not to colour bomb the place by using colours that clash. You can create a new home design by repainting the rooms after some time to make them less boring to the kids. As they grow their preference and taste in colour may change so always try to keep up with the change. One idea that we got is to incorporate interchangeable wall accents which you can change every season. Ask your construction contractors how this can be done.

A Good Storage System

With so many toys and clothes spread all over, the house can be both uncomfortable and dangerous for you and the kids. To avoid the possibility of an accident occurring you can come up with a well-organized storage system in the house. This may include doing simple things such as labelling storage boxes according to the contents. This will give the kids an easy time when searching for their toys and clothes. This will not only benefit the kids but will also help the parents to locate clothes that may need washing that is a laundry box is included in the labels.

Take A Good Look at Your Backyard

Having a great backyard enriches your kids and help them to appreciate nature just a little bit more. It gives them the opportunity to get active and interact with nature first hand. If you need some inspiration for what you could do in your backyard, consider spending some time checking out display homes in Melbourne that can offer you some fresh ideas. Of course, you might need to build something fun to get them to spend time outside. It could be a bouncy castle, a small pool or a swing set. If you want to step it up a notch, installing a zip line in your backyard may be just the thing that you and your family could enjoy. You may want to search for a zip line ropes course near me on the internet to learn how it works and the safety practices to avoid accidents along the road.

Tips for Maintaining Your Plumbing System

Aside from having a functional home in the eyes of your kids, it is also important not to overlook the health of your plumbing system. A good, running plumbing system needs regular maintenance to keep everything running smoothly and to make a good home for the kids to live in. No one wants to live in a house with regularly overflowing toilets and sinks! As such, here are some tips to maintain the health of your plumbing system

Checklist for a House that your Kids will Love


Clean sink drain regularly — This is among the best ways whereby you can lessen the chances of having your kitchen sink blocked. Employing a mild, household drain unblocker solution on a regular basis will help to break down the usual buildup of debris to keep the water flowing nicely.

Assess for faucet escapes — Leaks are some of the most upsetting plumbing issues with kitchen sinks. The fact that sinks are the most used portion of the kitchen usually means that they are more likely to be the source of a flow issue. Look for escaping water in the sink strainer, faucet or some additional sink attachment on a normal basis.

Assess for garbage disposal leaks — This is another appliance that’s the source of several plumbing problems. Keep checking for any leaks on a regular basis, paying particular attention to its own hoses. In case you’ve got the manufacturer’s maintenance recommendations, then follow them strictly.


Clear slow drains — If you observe your kitchen sink drain is slowing, it’s a sign of a clog or debris build-up, and you want to have it eliminated immediately before you have a completely blocked kitchen sink. You can use different means to enhance the stream of water. Either massaging hot water or a mild home drain cleaner down your drain would be the smartest choice. If at all possible, do it every few months or when the drain shows signs of slowing down.

Fixing a broken, runny toilet — A broken toilet is just one of the significant toilet plumbing problems. This is chiefly brought on by the wear and tear of some parts of the bathroom such as the gaskets. There are numerous approaches to diagnose this problem. Checking running water when the toilet is not being flushed is the ideal way.

Fixing the shower and faucet — If you notice a small leak from a faucet or shower, have it repaired before it soaks. The wasted water will probably cost you a good deal in your utility bills and can cause unexpected water damage.

Septic and Sewer

Regular pipes maintenance of this septic system — Most of the issues associated with the septic system results from developed debris. Regularly maintenance and inspection are all crucial for the correct performance of your septic system. If you are in a place where tree roots can be a reason for the sewer line congestion, then you need to put preventative measures in place. Sometimes, problems in the sewer system occur, and in most cases, they are not problems that you can solve by yourself. In such emergencies, contact the local authorities so that they can get civil engineering professionals to come and check the issue.

General Plumbing

Check the hot water system — A house hot water technology is among the appliances that are missed most in Australian households. The common plumbing problems that you should be checking include pressure and the temperature of this water. Be sure the plumbing process isn’t put under stress due to excess pressure.


Lastly, this video shows a house that is specially built by parents that really love their kids (and have money to spare). It might be good to take some pointers out of it.