October 3, 2022
Lights hanging on wires

How are wires used in our everyday lives?

A wire is a singular, cylindrical in shape, elastic stick of metal, which is generally covered in plastic to prevent from getting an electrical shock. Wires are made of metals which are good conductors of electricity. Wires are generally made of gold, copper, steel, silver, tin, platinum, and aluminium.

There are also Fibre optic cables.  Fibre optic cables are the cables i.e. optical fibres which are made of very slim strands of pure glass. Optical fibres transmit information and data in the form of light. They are generally used for a communication network.

Electrical wires or wires, in general, are used in many things of our day to day life.

Wired fence


  1. Electrical appliances – Copper wire work is used in electrical appliances, they transport electricity and are good conductors, and hence everyday appliances like iron, toaster, oven, refrigerator, television etc. all have wires due to which it works.
  2. Internet connections – Fibre optic cables are used as internet cables as they are capable to transmit data and information at a very high speed. Comparing optical fibres to copper wires, they are more flexible, carry more data, and transmit the data at a very high pace and speed.
  3. Telephones – Fibre optic communication helps you to talk and converse on the phones without any problem, lagging or loss of clarity of voice. The data is transferred immediately and the conversation is made smooth.
  4. Televisions – As the fibre optic cables have greater and higher bandwidth and speed, the data is transmitted quickly and it helps in providing high definition quality of content. Fibre optics is also economical than copper wires bought for the same quantity.
  5. Lightings and decorations – For the lightings and decorations used in festivals and occasions like Diwali, Ganpati, Navratri, and Christmas, weddings and parties; fibre optic cables are used. Wires are also used as a part of interior décor on metal display stands, fairy lights, furniture, etc. They are cheap, flexible, and make the lights look attractive and pretty.
  6. Dentistry and surgical operations – Optical fibres are used in medical examinations and medical operations. They are generally used for non-intrusive surgical operations or examinations like endoscopy. Here the aim is to light up the part via the optical cable making it possible for the medical practitioners to make fewer incisions and cuts. Optical fibres are also widely used in research, microscopy and biomedical research.
  7. Networking of computers – To build a network between computers, for faster and easier transmission and processing of information and data, optical fibres are used as the cable wires and connectors. The same cables are also used to connect computers in the same single buildings or buildings far from each other.
  8. Electricity – The main source of it all, electricity is itself transmitted through wires. They are usually made of copper. The wires can be connected all over the city, state or country.
  9. Jewellery and imitation – gold, platinum and silver wires are used in making of jewellery and imitation. Sometimes the gold wires are used intricately in sarees too for the design. Copper is generally used for imitation items, as it does not tarnish and is long-lasting. They are sold for cheap.
  10. The industry of automobiles – Copper, steel and aluminium wires are extensively used in the automobile industry for making new technology.
  11. Military communications and outer space devices and applications – Wires of all kinds of metals are widely used in the military communications and also in instruments, devices and other applications and vehicles of outer space.
  12. Others – The earphones or headsets or chargers we use are also made of copper wires. The USB cables, wires for speakers etc. are also made from copper.