October 3, 2022

How To Make Beach Homewares Work

Summer is fast approaching, which means out with the old and in with new, furniture and homewares! When summer comes around, we all want to embrace the fresh, relaxed coastal vibe for our home. If you live close to the beach or have a beach house that you visit every summer, then you have more of a reason to want to freshen up your home.  Make some fresh lemonade out of the lemon you have on your tree and make your beach homewares work for you. Here are tips on how to make beach homewares work:


  1. Go for beach colours

White or neutral tones can easily give your homewares a touch of the beach. When shopping for vases and bowls, go for the white, blue or teal shades as they easily create the look and feel of the sea waters. They also look great, regardless! Muted shades of green can work wonders too. You don’t necessarily have to repaint your house if you don’t have the budget for it, painting the furniture and the accessories with beach colours is enough.


  1. Purchase coastal furniture

Are you dreaming of living in a beach house where you can lounge around and enjoy the sun? Well, you can create one around the home. All you have to do is buy coastal home furniture that has a beach vibe to it. Shop for large lounges equipped with neutral-coloured slipcovers for your front yard. They can make for excellent family relaxation time.


  1. Source for coastal decor

Coastal decor is more than the sea shells found on the beach. Shells have been overdone, and you should go for something different. You can try driftwoods, washed-back frames for pictures and large coastal glass bottles to accessories your home. Open-weave rugs that have been made from natural fibres can also help in adding to a coastal look in the house. If you can get coastal decor in the right texture and colour, then you will have unlocked how to have the perfect beach feel around the home for the summer.


  1. Tropical indoor plants work the magic too

Tropical plants can add to the beach feeling around the home. Large plants help in recreating the feel of a tropical island paradise when used indoors. The more glossy and broad leaves they have, the better. Tropical flowers are also very colourful and when put in a large pot in a room, can give it a lush and vibrant look about it. They go so well against a backdrop of white floors. The space in your room will look so good with tropical plants.


  1. Recreate a beach house breeze

You can take out the heavy curtains and install soft sheers that will allow in some natural sunlight and breeze into the room. Allowing natural sunlight into your room will allow you to soak in the summer breeze without necessarily going down to the beach. This trend oozes class and makes your home look a lot more beautiful.


  1. DIY lighting around the house

Is there a better way to create a nautical theme around the house than lighting it up with a DIY nautical rope lamp? It will add texture to your bedside and make for excellent night reading. You can also make driftwood candle holders for a romantic candlelit dinner. If you can get driftwoods that are longer, then you can create an even stunning centrepiece for the dining room. You can never go wrong with DIY lighting.

So there you have it; six tips to keep in mind when designing or decorating your home so you can give your home a full coastal vibe to feel like you are in your very own personal sanctuary. There is no better feeling!