October 3, 2022
Luxurious touch to bathrooms

How To Make Your Bathroom Look Luxurious

Making your bathroom to look luxurious might require a huge budget, and it may not be a walk in the park. Usually, homeowners realize that bathrooms are one of the most expensive rooms to renovate. However, the easiest way to make an old bathroom to look magnificent is by using popular designs and creative interior wall finishes. Unlike custom designs and accents, clever design ideas can be used without breaking the bank. Here are some simple luxurious bathroom accessories to consider.

Wooden Shower Stools

Keeping well-polished and natural wooden bath stool or ottoman is an ideal way to make your bathroom look luxurious. By equipping the shower area with an ornately carved stool, it enhances comfort and creates a spa-like feeling. The stool might not be for bathing, but might be useful during a pedicure, application of lotion and other body care products. Naturally, wood tones like smooth mahogany or Asian oak tree look expensive. Ask your interior designer for a large piece of wooden artwork to complement the accent of a simple shower stool.

Hang Bathrobes and Towels in Rings

Shades of gold and brass ring hangers for towels can add some luxury feel to any bathroom space. Unlike messy cabinet spaces, ring hangers for towels and robes help to DE clutter your bathroom. It relieves stress to organize your bathrobe and towels on hand-towel rings. Simply find the right spots to install the hook of your ring hangers. Keep light-weight towels on hangers, and let the embroidered portion be visible to bathroom users. When guests use the bathroom, it allows them to notice this fixture’s placement easily.

wooden interior design

Infuse Colourful Bath Mats

Bath mats with beautiful patterns are useful at the entrance of wet rooms or beside standalone tubs. Naturally, hand-made mats have timeless glamour and are often designed with anti-skid wool. Ask your interior designer for suppliers of Turkish and Persian rugs. These high-end bath mats have thick wool that absorbs moisture and dry in the sun readily. Also, the non-fade materials these bath mats can enhance the ‘luxe’ appeal of your bathroom on the polished concrete floors.

Use Scones Light with Multiple Shades

Settling for basic lighting might ruin the plan of an expensive bathroom. Your bathroom can have the same lighting effects as a night club. The lighting accent should be minimalistic, but not with the regular grey tones. Don’t forget that colourful accents from fixtures like sconces and ceiling lights often look expensive. Mixing a neutral shade with green or blue colours is a creative way of boosting the mood of bathroom users. Other modern light fixtures with high-end looking metal can hang on bathroom walls. You don’t have to switch on all the bulbs; just pop some colours to make your bathroom look expensive.

Incorporate Rimless Toilets in Your Décor Ideas

Homeowners can incorporate a luxe sense of style with rimless toilets. However, you can complement the dynamic quality of new rimless toilets with ceramic or marble tiles. Unlike regular toilets with enclosures, a rimless toilet is easier to clean. Apart from promoting personal hygiene, these rimless toilets come in a range of affordable designs.

Hang an Oversized Artwork

Upgrade your bathroom walls by hanging an oversized artwork with gold or black frame. Usually, photography and art bring a unique style to modern bathrooms. Also, they set the tone that aligns with the homeowner’s tastes. Don’t overlook any work of art because it’s a subtle way of transforming an old bathroom into a sophisticated space. However, your interior designer must be careful not to overdo your bathroom colour palette. Alternatively, designers can neutralize the tone of bathrooms that appear very colourful with plant wallpapers.