October 3, 2022

Questions to ask in an Interior Design Consultation

Starting a new home renovation can be an exciting and anxious task. You imagine a spotless and beautiful home in your mind, and no doubt you want it to be a reality. However, without the perfect interior design consultant, your desire to get the ideal home will remain a dream, or worse, a realised twisted vision. So how do you go about it to find the perfect interior design consultant?

The first scheduled consultation meeting by an interior design firm is the make or breaking point of your project. This is because, it is the moment you decide to hire an interior design consultant, which, if done wrongly, can cause havoc, you don’t want that. Use the following questions in your next consultation to determine whether the interior designer is the perfect fit for your project.

Questions to ask in an Interior Design Consultation

What are your Project Goals?

Before you embark on the essential task of hiring the right professional, you need to evaluate and determine what you want at the end of the project. Do you have some graphic folder of some idea you wish your interior designer to incorporate? Have you allocated the required amount of money for the project? Are you looking for basic living, or do you have room in the budget for some luxuries such as a billiard table? In what timeline do you expect the project to be completed? What style do you plan to achieve at the end of the project? Such tiny details will help you communicate honestly with your interior design consultant to achieve your goal.

1 – How do you determine fit projects that go with your style?

This is a polite way to ask why the designer thinks he/she is perfect for the job, and whether they can incorporate their style with that of the client to deliver the best. From this moment forward, you want to determine whether you can efficiently work with the designer without having creative differences along the way.

2 – How experienced are you on this project? What are your credentials and references?

House renovation is an important task. You want to pair up with an experienced professional who will deliver your needs. Ask about their recent projects and have a look. If possible, contact the homeowner and determine credibility.

3 – What are your Charges?

This is important to find out whether their charges go in hand with your budget. Some designers charge a flat rate while others prefer an hourly rate. Discuss with your consultant and determine what types of charges will suit your project.

4 – Are you able to work with my budget to give me the finish I desire?

A designer who can adjust and work with your budget should be your go-to. This does not mean one that will deliver less than average work. Instead, one that will give you precisely what you need, with some few adjustments.

5 – What are some of your favourite styles?

At this point, you want to gauge your designer’s creativity and preferred choice. Ask about what inspires them when determining a style to incorporate. If you like their favourite style, then working with them might not be hard. Do those styles need any more fixtures that might be a little different, such as a billiard table with pool cues? If so, you’ll need lighting to match as well.

6 – How involved do you expect me to be while you’re running the interior design?

While most people like full control of their creativity, a good designer will allow your input at crucial stages of the project. However, if you’re insecure and you’re often pointing out on mistakes, that may strain your working relationship. On the other hand, a rigid designer who does not allow feedback may be hard to deal with. Decide on how you can work together.

7 – What crucial mistake have you ever made that changed how you handle interior design?

An interior designer who has ever been involved in failure can be useful to learn from. They may be of help to avoid blind pitfalls. Also, they may know what materials are better than others as a result of their experience.

8 – What is the protocol of your interior design process?

The interior designer will explain to you the services they offer with their quotation. Also, they will walk you through their process of conceptualisation, detail of design layout, and the process of installation.

Now you have the questions that will help you determine who the best fit for your project is. Do not shy about being honest with your questions, to get your desired dream home project successful.