October 3, 2022
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What Are the Hottest Colours Right Now?

Selecting paint colours for your home’s exterior is much more complicated than it sounds. You must consider three different complementary colours — siding, front door, and trim — and given the price (and energy!) Involved in painting your entire home, the pressure to get it right is actual. We’ve got a few thoughts on what colours are the hottest to paint your house right now, so you can rest assured knowing you are at least in fashion. And are not picking something that’s destined to be obsolete in six months.

First things first, you want to think about your siding. As it covers the most significant square footage (and therefore costs the most), it is the best starting point. Remember when selecting this colour what other fixed components it must work with — like the colour of your chimney or even your neighbour’s bright blue exterior. Go for a warmer undertone if you would like curb appeal which energises you; opt for something more refreshing if you crave coming home into a space which relaxes you.

It could be tempting to play it safe with a very similar color to the siding (or save money and paint it all the same colour ), but resist that impulse: If things get too matchy-matchy, the total effect can make your home appear flat, cookie cutter, and all-purpose dull. Sure, you do not want to get overly wack-a-doo either — that is why you need to select a colour in the same household as the siding, just a few shades lighter. Varying shades of white and light greys are it in regards to trim.

An assortment of blues, red, and even black are where it is at right now. Black accents, especially in matte, can give your home that Joanna Gaines, contemporary farmhouse look, framing your windows like a few coats of mascara does for your eyes.