October 3, 2022

What’s a Vignette? Plus, How To Style Your Own At Home

What’s a Vignette?

A vignette is a group of objects and is generally composed of trinkets and decor.  It may also include flowers, and other all-natural components, artwork, craft items along with other mementos.  

It’s about clustering your favourite items together to make small ‘scenes’ in your home. The very best thing about vignettes is you can alter and evolve them continuously. As a new season arrives, it is possible to bring things in or out to replace the appearance of the vignette style.

If you are on a small budget, updating your vignettes is a fantastic way to change the scenes in your house without needing to invest more money.

Making an ‘A’ or ‘L’ Vignette

Experimenting is the best approach to discover a vignette which you adore the appearance of, however, there are a few fundamental tips to get you started such as producing an ‘A’ formation.

This creation is a fool-proof approach to acquire a vignette looking great because any beautiful bunch of items requires height – and items at varying heights leads the eye on a journey.

To make the ‘A’, you are going to need one piece that is the tallest, with a few smaller items around it. The ‘A’ does not need to be symmetrical with the tall piece directly in the centre, however, it could veer more toward an ‘L’ contour (with the tallest item to a side) and look amazing.


What should you put in a Vignette?

Show what you enjoy in your house and have fun figuring out what looks great together in an area and what does not.

Generally, however, you can approach a vignette by grouping objects based on components such as; similar colours, textures, themes like beach homewares or picking items that contrast against the rest of the area.

Commonalities in Vignettes

The one thing all vignettes have in common is that these clusters have varying depths (not all in a single straight line). Make sure you design your vignettes with this in your mind, and you can not fail.

The more you examine other people’s vignettes, and look at the way they are placed together and why they look great, the more you can piece together models in your home. And half of the fun is in the experimentation.


Suggestion: Photograph your vignettes using the Rule of Thirds. It will help you see what is and is not working. The image may show that there aren’t enough differing heights or depths, or there’s a lot of the same texture.

As you experiment with styling vignettes at home, you’ll become more and more confident.  In no time, you’ll have an idea of what items and objects work best together just like a interior stylist.