October 3, 2022
Timber feature wall

Why You Should Incorporate A Timber Feature Wall For Your Interiors.

For some, a room is simply four walls and a ceiling, but for others it has unlimited potential. Whether you want to make a statement or you prefer embracing traditional interior styles, adding a timber feature wall to a room can have a number of benefits. Timber is versatile, and it is timeless. What might be considered a luxury to some, a feature wall can add a lot of value to your house and to your overall property. Given the right interior design, a timber feature could be the cherry on top of the overall design. Here’s some other benefits to consider when choosing to add a timber feature wall to your interior space:

  1. Timber feature walls are versatile.

There are different ways to feature a wall with timber. There’s the way of cladding, there are the battens, and there’s just plain walls ready for a timber finish. Timber battens allow for great flexibility in design including curved environments. Timber walls can be freestanding and work as dividers to separate rooms. They can be that area in the room or office space that you’ve been dying to do a makeover to give them a touch of something interesting. Even though timber feature walls come in various forms, given it is timber there is always that element of bringing nature into your home.

2. Timber instantly warms a room.

There is something homey about using timber. Its hues magically send vibes of hospitality, humility, and kindness to anybody within the room. Timber can instantly make you feel relaxed. Probably because of the warmth it brings. When you have timber in your home or the office, it gives you a sense of balance. Or it makes you feel in touch with the outdoors. Therefore, it gives you a feeling that you’re free, yet safe. Also, the wood’s composition is made up of a network of interlocking wood cells that converts sound energy into heat energy by the cells’ frictional resistance and through its cells’ structure’s vibrations. So timber performs great in an acoustic arena. Applying this into a room where communication happens and expression is freely exchanged, a room may turn out as lovely as how it’s accommodating because of the intimacy it creates.

Timber feature wall

3. It makes a dull room look alive.

Hitting it’s stride in popularity last year, timber feature walls become an instant décor hit that gives any dull room some personality. Because of its 3D effect and timber finish, it had become quite popular with interior designer all around the world. It often comes across as something creative and stylish to guests when they see a featured timber wall.

4. It is eco-friendly.

One persons trash is another man’s gold – the use of recycled timber is uptrending. Using the best-recycled timber to add accents to a feature wall could be very beneficial. A featured wall and embellished ceiling with timber complete the look of a modernized approach a long way from looking flat or traditional.

5. It is something remarkable.

While a timber feature wall could be made up of any natural wood, it may also be a source of inspiration. Since it serves as a truly modern and innovative way of making use of space, it instantly exudes depth and contrast all in one go. Some people make it their homes main feature, through pattern or colour, the feature wall can be the inspiration for the whole homes hue palette. 

In all its complexities, timber is an ideal choice for a feature wall.  It’s a material that can be shaped, sawn, smoothened, cut, and carved. It can be nailed and glued. Waxing or varnishing it will make it last even longer. Adding a timber feature wall adds so much value to your home, in more ways than just financial.